BtVS Season 5
Anya Jenkins
Name: Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins
Aliases: Aud, Anyanka, Anya Emerson (BtVS Trading Cards), Anya
Born: 860 AD.
Age: 1120 years, approx.
Type: Human, Vengance Demon
Powers: Abundant knowledge of demons as a thousand-year vengeance demon. Experienced in witchcraft and sorcery. Rather skilled in combat due to her time as a vengeance demon, most notably shown in the season seven episode 'Selfless' when she fights Buffy. Fluent in several languages (such as Old Norse, English, French, and Latin). Vengeance demon form granted her superhuman strength, some form of invulnerability, telekinesis, teleportation, regenerative powers, the ability to assume human shape, the power to grant wishes, the psychic ability to "hear" the "cry of vengeance" of wronged women and sense the presence of souls, and the capacity to manipulate reality.
Personality: One of Anya's most obvious character traits is her absolute lack of tact. Paired with her bluntness, brutal honesty and lack of social skills, this created the undesired effect of annoying most of the Scooby gang. Xander continually works with Anya on her social skills and general interactions with people - particuarly her tendency to say whatever pops into her head and the many usually gory stories of vengence that she often shares. She also tends to treat Dawn as if she is about ten years younger than her actual age. Anya also has a love of money and is considered greedy by some people, although this is not really true.
History: Aud, as Anya was orginally known, was born in Sjornjost, Sweden in 860. She grew up raising rabbits and became the outsider of her village, whose inhabitants labelled her as "odd." By the age of twenty, Aud had fallen in love with a man named Olaf, a Viking warrior who enjoyed hunting trolls and drinking at the bar. One night, Olaf drunkenly slept with a bar maid named Rannveig and a furious Aud resorted to magic to curse him with boils on his penis. She then turned him into a troll, and he was forced to flee from his fellow villagers, who did not believe his story. She carried out her duties for over a thousand years, known as Anyanka, the patron saint of scorned women. She found women who'd been hurt by a man, used a special necklace (her power center) to grant their wishes. Usually, the wishes involved vengeance on the man who'd betrayed them.
Anyanka came to Sunnydale to grant a wish for Cordelia after Xander had cheated on her with Willow, but instead of wishing something bad on Xander, Cordelia wished that Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale. Anyanka granted the wish, resulting in an alternate reality. Unfortunately for Anyanka, Giles smashed her necklace, bringing Sunnydale back to its normal reality, and leaving Anya stuck in the mortal body of a teenager. D'Hoffryn refused to give her her powers back, and her attempt to use Willow to help her get her necklace back backfired, so Anya continued attending Sunnydale High School. She eventually went to the Prom with Xander, but fled Sunnydale just before graduation because she didn't want to die.
Anya returned to Sunnydale several months later, still infatuated with Xander. She persuaded him to sleep with her in the hopes of getting him out of her system, but it didn't work and instead they began dating. Xander invited her to a Halloween party and she decided to wear a bunny suit as her scary costume. When the demon Gachnar attacked the party, Anya saved Xander and his friends by going to Giles for help. The couple began to argue over where their relationship was going, but when a party they were attending was attacked by a poltergeist, Anya risked her life and braved painful injuries to rescue Xander from being drowned.
Anya's lack of social skills soon made her unpopular with the rest of the Scooby Gang, particularly Willow, who had little trust for the ex-demon. However, she continued to help them for Xander's sake, and was eventually accepted as an official member. Anya supported Xander during the brief period when Spike's manipulations created a rift between the Scoobies. Soon after Giles took over The Magic Box, a local occult store, Anya was hired as an employee because of her talent at finances.
During an argument, Anya and Willow accidentally released Olaf the troll from a crystal. It was revealed that Willow and Anya's mutual dislike stemmed from the fear of each that the other would hurt Xander. When Xander protected both women equally from Olaf, they finally came to an understanding and worked together to banish Olaf to the Land of the Trolls. As the Scoobies prepared to confront the hellgod Glory, Anya provided crucial advice by suggesting that they use the Dagon Sphere and Olaf's hammer in the fight. During the battle with Glory, Anya heroically saved Xander from falling rubble and was knocked unconscious, while Buffy sacrificed her life saving Dawn and the world from a dimensional rift; Anya later played a part in the spell to resurrect her.
Season Five: Season Five sees Anya become a capable, if slightly abrupt, business-woman, hired by Giles to help out in the Magic Box. Her immense knowledge of what spell ingredients should be kept away from each other, or are used in demon summoning spells is extremly useful. Anya discovers that she rather enjoys capitalism and earning money. Shortly before going into battle with the hell-goddess Glory, Xander asks Anya to marry him should they survive, which she accepts.