BtVS Season 5
Buffy Summers
Name: Buffy Anne Summers
Age: 22
Known Relatives: Father Hank Summers, Mother Joyce Summers, Sister Dawn.
Type: Human/Slayer
Personailty: One of Buffy's most defining personality traits was her tendency to keep things secret from the rest of the Scooby Gang, which came back to bite her more than once. Such secrets included Angel's resurrection ("Revelations"), Dawn's identity as the Key ("Blood Ties"), her relationship with Spike ("Entropy"), and her sighting of Spike in the basement of the new Sunnydale High ("Beneath You"). Additionally, she also showed a lighthearted, sarcastic streak, clearly inherited from her mother. Pre-Slaying days, she was a typical steotype of a Valley girls, and was quoted as saying that Cordelia "looked like a classical philosopher" when compared to her former self.
Powers:Buffy is a Slayer and has the normal powers that other Slayers do, including superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, accelerated healing, and a limited ability to sense the presence of demons. She possesses the collective memories of all past Slayers, and has some degree of precognition that allows her to see upcoming events in her dreams, such as her temporary death at the hands of the Master, Angel's transformation into Angelus, and the arrival of the Gentlemen. Although often regarded as a 'dumb-blonde' by both herself and others, Buffy consistently shows that she is actuall quite intelligent - most notably through her near-perfect S.A.T. score. Buffy also has strong leadership skills particuarly in battle, and has a natural flair for tactical planning.
Relationships:Buffy's most significant romances in her life were with the vampires Angel and Spike. Angel was her high school sweetheart and first love, but he eventually left her because his immortality and vampiric nature meant their relationship was doomed. Spike was initially her enemy, but he fell in love with her and the pair eventually formed a meaningful connection. Buffy continued to dream about both men, often together, long after the respective relationships ended. In one of these dreams, Spike commented that she could no longer tell them apart.
Other important relationships of Buffy's have included Pike, Parker, Riley Finn, and Satsu (season eight). Pike was her friend and love interest when she first began her journey as the Slayer, but the pair broke up before she came to Sunnydale. In college, she dated Riley in the hopes of having a "normal" relationship, only to discover he was an Initiative soldier. Satsu was Buffy's fellow Slayer, as well as her first and only homosexual relationship.
History: As a child, Buffy went through a phase during which she idolized ice-skater Dorothy Hamill, and was close friends with her cousin Celia until she died. Buffy started her high school career at Hemery High in Los Angeles, where she was a popular cheerleader; in 1996 she was elected Prom Princess and Fiesta Queen. That same year, Buffy was contacted by a man named Merrick, who told her that she was the Chosen One, the Vampire Slayer. Though Buffy was sceptical, it was true; Merrick was her Watcher. But Merrick was killed, and in Buffy's attempts at slaying, she managed to burn down her high school gym.
Around that time, Joyce and Hank finalized their divorce, and Buffy moved with Joyce to 1630 Revello Drive in Sunnydale. She enrolled at Sunnydale High School, where the school librarian, Giles, informed her that he was her new Watcher. Though reluctant, Buffy was sucked full force into the life of a Slayer.
Buffy became friends with Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, and to some extent, Cordelia Chase; and later with Willow's boyfriend Oz, all of whom knew that she was the Slayer (her mother finally found out at the end of Season 2) and often helped in her endeavours. Buffy developed a relationship with Angel, a vampire cursed with a soul; it ended when he lost his soul, turning him back into his evil vampiric self, but they got back together after his soul was restored again. Ultimately, Angel eventually realized that as Buffy got older, their relationship would be doomed, as he could never give her anything resembling a normal life. Thus, he left her, for her own good.
During her freshman year at UC Sunnydale, Buffy roomed with Willow and developed a relationship with Riley Finn. After about a year together, Riley left Buffy and Sunnydale, feeling that Buffy didn't need nor love him. During her sophomore year at college, Buffy survived several family crises first she discovered that her 14 year-old sister isn't actually her sister, but is a mystical "Key" just recently turned into human form and placed into Buffy's life (false memories included) so that Buffy could protect her. Then her mother had a brain tumour removed, only to later die from an aneurysm arising as a side effect from her surgery. Buffy dropped out of college to take care of Dawn. In the final fight against Glory, a hell god seeking to use the Key, Buffy sacrificed her life to save Dawn's and the world.
Season Five: Season Five finds Buffy meeting the infamous Dracula, and she begins to fully accept her duty as the Slayer for the first time in her life. Buffy discovered that Dawn wasn't her sister, but rather a ball of mystical energy known as the Key that could open interdimensional portals. A group of monks transformed the Key into human form to hide it from a hell-god known as Glory, choosing the Slayer to protect it because they knew she would protect her sister with her life. Initially regarding Dawn as little more than a burden forced on her against her will, Buffy eventually accepted her role as Dawn's protector. Buffy's relationship with Riley began to deteriorate as she failed to give him the emotional intimacy he craved. As Buffy recovered from the break-up, she was disgusted to learn that Spike, now unable to harm humans due to the Initiative's experiments on him, had fallen in love with her. Upon discovering the full extent of his obsession, she had Willow revoke Spike's invitation to her house and personally alienated him from the Scoobies.
Buffy was devastated when her mother, who had been experiencing health problems for months and only recently received surgery for a brain tumor, died unexpected from an aneurysm. Taking up the role of Dawn's legal guardian, Buffy was forced to drop out of college to look after her sister. Upon her return, Buffy discovered that Spike had forced her former Sunnydale High classmate, Warren Mears, to build a sex-bot in her likeness, and it had resulted in him getting captured by Glory's minions, who believed him to be the Key. Despite her understandable rage and disgust over the robot, Buffy saved Spike and subsequently discovered that he had endured intense torture at the hands of Glory rather than reveal the identity of the Key, nearly choosing death to protect Dawn. Moved by this, Buffy rewarded Spike with a kiss and reconciled with him, welcoming him back to the fold.
When Glory finally discovered the Key and captured Dawn, Buffy retreated into her subconscious, where she battled with the guilt of failing to protect her sister. Willow successfully drew Buffy back out into consciousness, and the Scoobies attacked Glory's stronghold in full force. Despite everyone's efforts, Dawn's blood was used to open the interdimensional portal and chaos reigned on Earth. Buffy defeated Glory and, finally understanding the meaning of the message from the First Slayer, sacrificed her own life, using her own blood to close the portal so Dawn wouldn't have to. Afterwards, Buffy was buried on the outskirts of Sunnydale with the epitaph, "She saved the world. A lot." Finally able to rest, she ascended to heaven and found peace