BtVS Season 5
Rupert Giles
Name: Rupert Giles
Place of Birth: England
Type: Human / Watcher
Powers:Superior knowledge of demonology, mystical artifacts, and the black arts due to his Watcher training and delving in the black arts during his "Ripper years". Genius Level intellect.Fluency in several languages (such as Latin, German, Sumerian, and ancient Greek) and special knowledge of history, philosophy, science, and many areas of human knowledge, all due to his studies at Oxford University and his Watcher training. Mark of Eyghon tattoo granted him a psychic link with the demon and others bearing the mark, allowing him to experience vague visions. Experience in hand-to-hand combat. Proficient with melee weapons. Talented singer and guitarist. Knowledge and experience of fighting the supernatural. Temporarily able to employ powerful magicks and teleport when imbued with the powers of the Devon Coven.
Personailty: As the Watcher, librarian, and general authority/father figure, Giles often delivers exposition. Giles is often portrayed as somewhat of a "straight man" and his "stuffy" Oxford sensibility serves as counterpoint to the stereotypical Southern Californian characters and setting. According to Willow, he makes a "weird cluck-cluck sound with his tongue" when he is angry but is "too English to say anything" ("Faith, Hope & Trick"). Giles is well-known for wearing tweed clothes, so much so that the Scoobies joke that even his diapers were made from the material. However, he wears non-tweed suits and even casual clothes more often after his retirement from the library. A good deal of the show's humor, especially in the middle seasons, comes from Giles contradicting his established prim and proper image. Giles (like Head in real life) is also a talented singer and guitar player, which the gang discovered to their horror in the episode "Where the Wild Things Are". He also loves Halloween, which Buffy was surprised to learn in "Fear Itself". His personality also becomes darker over the years with insights into his past actions. The episode Band Candy shows him reverting to his teenage personality of "Ripper," a violent criminal. He is also shown to have meddled in dark magics which got a friend of his killed. He is not above using violence to solve problems, such as coercing Principal Snyder to get Buffy readmitted to school and even murdering Ben to prevent Glory from returning, saying that Buffy was a hero and wouldn't do it.
History: Giles was born into a family of Watchers (those who train and guide Slayers) both his father and grandmother were Watchers. The young Giles was disappointed to find out that he was destined to be a Watcher; he had wanted to be a fighter pilot or a grocer. He attended Oxford University, but attempted to reject his destiny and instead rebelled and dabbled in the occult with his friends (who called him "Ripper"), at one point summoning the demon Eyghon to Earth.
Giles eventually straightened out and gave in to his destiny, working as a museum curator in England until the Watcher's Council assigned him to Buffy in Sunnydale. Giles, while also working as the Sunnydale High librarian, developed a close father-daughter-like relationship with Buffy, despite the fact that she is an untraditional, somewhat incorrigible Slayer.
Giles doesn't seem to have many friends, though he dated computer science teacher Jenny Calendar (until she was killed by Angelus), had a one night stand with Joyce while both were under the influence of poisoned candy (rendering them like teenagers), and a few passing liaisons with a British woman named Olivia.
Giles is well-read and intelligent, can play the guitar, fence, and read five languages and, if necessary, he can hold his own in a fight. Giles has always been fairly straight-laced and stereotypically British, but he has loosened up a bit since he was fired from his post as Watcher (after interfering with the Council's rite of passage test for Buffy).
After the gang graduated from high school, Giles was unemployed for a while, except for guitar performances at the Espresso Pump, but he eventually took over a magic shop, The Magic Box, after the previous owner was killed by Harmony's vampire gang, and turned it into a successful business. Buffy also managed to bully the Watcher's Council into rehiring him as her official watcher, complete with retroactive pay. After Buffy's death at the end of Season 5, Giles moved back to England.