BtVS Season 5
Joyce Summers
Name: Joyce Summers
Known Relations: Buffy Summers (oldest daughter), Dawn Summers (younger daughter), Arlene (sister), Lolly (sister) Type: Human
Personality: Early on, Joyce was portrayed as a stereotypical "Californian" mother -- distant and reliant on "pop-psychology" techniques in raising her daughter, but well-meaning. As Joyce became more of a central character, she became more competent and sympathetic, as exemplified when she attacked Spike with an axe in order to protect her daughter. ('School Hard') She is typically portrayed - particularly after she discovers Buffy's true identity - as a warm, loving mother with a deep reserve of inner strength and a highly cynical and sarcastic streak (clearly inherited by her daughters). In stark contrast to Willow's religious, absent-minded parents and Xander's angry, bitter parents, Joyce is a constant and maternal presence, acting as a mother and friend to all the gang.
Joyce often banters with Buffy and even held her own with Faith when the rogue Slayer held her hostage, sneering "Are you planning on slitting my throat anytime soon?" in the middle of Faith's monologue. She is a fan of the soap opera Passions, which she watches with Spike, the movie Thelma and Louise, art (particularly African), and is a competent seamstress, as shown in the season four episode, "Fear, Itself".
Joyce hates potlucks (which she gives as a reason for not wanting a wake) and Jell-O (which, she confesses while in the hospital, "creeps her out"). She has been shown to care more about others than herself, being more concerned about Riley than her medical condition. She had a friendly and motherly relationship with Spike, who claimed she was the only one he could stand. Spike paid his respects by anonymously leaving flowers.
History: Joyce Summers is the single mother parent of Buffy and Dawn Summers. She was married to Hank Summers, who she met at her Homecoming Dance, but the two parted when neither of the could get along with each other that well. Joyce moved her and her daughter to Sunnydale after Buffy was expelled from Hemery High in Los Angeles and they pretty much had to leave town to start a new life. Joyce worked in a gallery, archiving arts.
Buffy and Joyce never had the most perfect mother/daughter relationship but it was tested even more when Joyce finally found out about Buffy being a vampire slayer. It took a while for Joyce to full comprehend and understand it but she soon did. Joyce was also one of the first to find out that Dawn wasn't actually her daughter, while she had her brain tumour. Joyce's health improved after a successful surgery, although her life was soon in danger again. Glory, a hell-god, sought a mystical key that could open interdimensional portals. Although Glory didn't realize that Dawn was the Key, she knew that Buffy protected it. She threatened Buffy's family, which forced Joyce and Dawn to temporarily stay with Spike for protection. She continued her friendly relationship with Spike and they watch a soap opera together. Soon afterwards, Joyce suddenly died from a brain aneurysm in the end of I Was Made to Love You, which left all of the Scoobies, including Spike, devastated and completely heartbroken.