BtVS Season 5

I have compiled some interesting and unusual fact about season 5 from the dvd commentaries and the Buffy Wikia. I hope you enjoy them.

5.01 - Buffy vs. Dracula
• After Buffy is bitten by Dracula, it cuts to day outside of Buffy's house and the actual address of 1313 can be seen instead of Buffy's 1630.
• This is the third time that Buffy is bitten by a vampire. She was bitten by The Master in "Prophecy Girl", and by Angel in "Graduation Day, Part 2".

5.02 - Real Me
• The role of Cyrus, one of Harmony's gang, is played by Tom Lenk. This was Lenk's first appearance on the show, but he later portrayed Andrew Wells.
• The crazy man who scares Dawn outside the Magic Box says, "I know you. Curds and whey." This is a reference to the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet, which Faith quotes from in "Graduation Day, Part Two" when she is foreshadowing Dawn's arrival: "Little Ms. Muffet counting down from 7-3-0".

5.03 - The Replacement
• Nicholas Brendon's real-life twin brother Kelly Donovan is his body double for this episode. In almost all of the scenes Nicholas Brendon played both suave and goofy Xander with his brother Kelly Donovan playing the twin with the non-speaking role. Kelly only spoke in the scenes where both Xanders had speaking lines.
• An interesting side note is that this episode plays homage to the Star-Trek episode where captain Kirk is split into his two emotional halves called 'The Enemy Within'. Xander quotes another Star Trek episode 'Whom Gods Destroy'.
• 'Weak' Xander does the infamous Snoopy dance to prove to Willow that he is the true Xander.

5.04 - Out Of My Mind
• This episode is the last time we see the original Sunnydale High School building on-screen, albeit destroyed.

5.05 - No Place Like Home
• The title is a reference to Dorothy's line at the end of the Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home."
• The nursery rhyme, 'Little Miss Muffet' is referred to again in this episode, the Glory's mentioning some sitting on a tuffet during her ranting whilst fighting with Buffy.
• This is the episde the Giles officially takes ownership of The Magic Box.
• Buffy calls Spike by his actual name, 'William' for one of only two times in the whole series.

5.06 - Family
• This episode shows why Tara sabotaged Willow's demon locator spell in 'Goodbye Iowa'.
• Tara's birthday is October 16, as shown on her headstone in the episode 'Help'.

5.07 - Fool For Love
• We discover where Spike gets his leather duster that he wears in almost every episode from 'School Hard' until it is destroyed in the Angel episode 'The Girl in Question'.
• The full 'effulgent' poem is read by Spike in the series finale of Angel, 'Not Fade Away' to wild applause, unlike the partial reading of it in the episode.
• The reflection of James Masters (or more likely his stunt double) is visible several times in his fight with Nikki Wood in the subway car's windows.

5.08 - Shadow
• This is the first episode where Glory is mentioned by name - Glorificus ("Please, call me 'Glory'")
• Joyce's tumor and the subsequent complications from it are introduced.

5.09 - Listening To Fear
• Willow refers to the 'Tunguska Blast' and that it occured in 1917. It acutally happened in 1908.
• A continuity error is the fact the when Buffy runs upstairs to find out why Dawn is screaming, the radio above the kitchen sink is still playing. When Buffy goes to grab a knife from the kitchen, the radio is silent. It's unlikely Buffy turned the radio off before going to see what Dawn needed.
• This episode has more instances of people who are insane or 'outside of reality' recognizing that Dawn is not what she appears to be. This would presumably be more traumatic coming from Dawn's own mother as the brain tumor has somewhat affected Joyce's semblance of sanity in this episode.

5.10 - Into The Woods
• This is Marc Blucas' last episode in the opening credit sequence. He returns for one guest appearance in Season Six and also appears in a season 8 comic.
• The banner Giles hangs above the counter of the Magic Box reads: "Don't Forget Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa & Gurnenthar's Ascendance Are Coming!"
• The "In Memory of D.C. Gustafson" at the end of the episode referred to Gustav Gustafson, who was the Leadman for the show during Seasons One and Two. Gustav was apparently a close friend of Sarah Michelle Gellar, and died during filming of the series at age 41, after fighting cancer and AIDS.
• This was the first Buffy episode directed by executive producer Marti Noxon.

5.11 - Triangle
• This line of Willow's was cut, when Giles return from England and sees the damage of The Magic Box: Willow - "Um...Giles? Could you maybe make an angry face? 'Cause the smile is kind of scaring me."
• It's a quiet night for Buffy, as she slays just one vampire in this episode.
• Anya once again mentions the world without shrimp, a dimension she had previously noted exists in the season 4 episode "Superstar".
• This episode marks the first appearance of Olaf, played by Abraham Benrubi, who will later appear (in both human and troll form) in "Selfless". The Scoobies also acquire Olaf's hammer, which will prove to be a crucial weapon against Glory in the season finale.
• Spike first mentions his taste for the onion blossoms at The Bronze, a recurring subject for Spike.
• This is the first episode since "Hush" that Marc Blucas does not appear in the opening credits.
• Buffy tells Olaf that Xander and Anya's love will "last forever."
• Buffy has been heartbroken since the last episode with Riley's departure.
• In this episode, Olaf calls Anya "Anyanka," however he knew her as "Aud." (see "Selfless")

5.12 - Checkpoint
• One of Buffy's lines to The Watcher's Council she makes a reference to "Masterpeice Theatre", which is a dramatic series. Buffy: "Without a're pretty much just watching Masterpiece Theatre."
• In this episode, Anya invents the name "Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins" to give to the Council delegation. Despite the fact that the name is entirely fake, Anya keeps it, as shown by the fact that she sings the full name in the Season Seven episode "Selfless".
• The karate instructions Buffy is given in Japanese are shoumen ni rei (bow to the front), shoumen-zuki (front punch), and ushiro-geri, empi-uchi (back kick, elbow-strike)
• This episode sees Giles reinstated into the Council as Buffy's Watcher, and reveals the truth of this season's Big Bad: Glory isn't any ordinary demon, she's a Hellgod.
• Introduction of the Knights of Byzantium, one of three powers connected to the Key.
• Until Anya established her own invented name, Buffy Trading Cards listed her last name as "Emmerson." However, this is not canon.

5.13 - Blood Ties
• Although a link between Ben and Glory had been previously suggested (in "Listening to Fear"), this is the first time we see that Ben and Glory share a body, although neither retains memories of the others activities.
• It is also noteworthy that Dawn (after a brief interval) does not remember Ben changing into Glory; this memory glitch, courtesy of Glory, will be a recurring phenomenon throughout this season, affecting everyone who witnesses the shift (except Spike).
• When Dawn gets upset with Joyce and Buffy in her bedroom she shouts "Get out. Get out! Get out! Get out!" she shouts the same thing in the same place in the season 6 episode "Older and Far Away".
• The 12th or 13th episode of each season is traditionally when Buffy celebrates her birthday; her birthday takes place in episode 13 of Season Two ("Surprise"), episode 12 of Season Three ("Helpless"), episode 12 of Season Four ("A New Man") and episode 14 of Season Six ("Older and Far Away"). Buffy's birthday is not shown celebrated in Season One or in Season Seven.
• The rest of the Scooby Gang, as well as Dawn herself, learn that Dawn is the Key.
• We also learn that Dawn arrived six months ago, according to Buffy. It is very probable that Dawn arrived in the moment that Buffy entered her room, at the end of "Buffy vs. Dracula" asking her what she was doing there.
• This episode marks the beginning of the bond between Dawn and Spike, which will last throughout the rest of the series.

5.14 - Crush
• David Fury, asked to do an episode that took the Buffy/Spike relationship to the next level, decided that it was time for the audience to discover that Spike was in love with Buffy. He says, "...and it then progressed into Buffy finding out, which was something we were saving for later. It turned out to be a good play because we were able to take them to interesting places throughout the rest of the season." According to Fury, the resurrection of Spike and Drusilla's relationship "was really significant in terms of what love means to Spike."
• James Marsters found the scene where Spike tied Buffy up and using a taser on her humorous, stating that "it was supposed to be an act of love?
• The pink dress that Anya wears in the scene at the Bronze is later worn by Harmony in the Angel episode "Life of the Party".
• Xander refers to Spike as "evil dead", a reference to the film of the same name.
• This episode marks the final "real" appearance of Drusilla in the Buffyverse as all her future appearances are either in the forms of illusions or flashbacks. It is also the last time we see Harmony on Buffy. We later see her on Angel.
• This is the only time Buffy has ever had to actually fight Drusilla.
• Several of the pictures in the shrine that Spike made for Buffy were pictures drawn by Angelus.
• Spike's de-invite lasts only a few episodes: Buffy re-invites him by the end of the season. She never de-invites him again, not even following his attempted rape in season 6.
• Buffy says she wants Spike "out of [her] life" in this episode, and uses the same line later in season 6. (In the episode "Wrecked".) Both times the rejection is very short; this time it lasts almost four episodes, before (at the end of "Intervention") Buffy learns that Spike is capable of great personal sacrifice on her behalf. Soon after she seeks out his help protecting Dawn ("Spiral").

5.15 - I Was Made To Love You
• Unlike the later Buffybot, April is not salvaged and kept for later examination and/or repair; the fate of her inert body is a mystery. Though it is possible that she was recycled for the buffybot.
•This episode marks the first appearance of Warren Mears, who will return as a major villain in Season Six and then in the Season Eight comics.
• Katrina is also introduced in this episode. She will return -- and be killed by Warren -- in the Season Six episode "Dead Things".
• The dress Joyce wears for her date with Brian must be her 'date dress' - it's the same one she was wearing when Buffy caught her in the kitchen kissing Ted, who was also a robot, three years earlier.
• Joyce dies, an event that will profoundly affect Buffy's outlook throughout the rest of the series. Also, true to the series' form, Joyce's death managed to occur while she was at her happiest. This was true for Jenny Calendar in Passion when she died after finding Angel's cure and was forgiven by Giles. In future episodes, Tara will die after reconciling with Willow (Seeing Red) and Spike after Buffy states that she loves him (Chosen).
• Nobody kills anything in the episode.

5.16 - The Body
• Although Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson are heterosexual, they apparently filmed Willow and Tara's first on-screen kiss a few more takes than was strictly necessary. Benson recalls, "We must have kissed a hundred times. It was very nice."
• Throughout the scene after Xander punches through a wall, only the left side of Willow's face can be seen, because Alyson Hannigan had an allergic reaction to the plaster dust, causing her right eye to swell. When Tara returns from the laundry room and informs Willow that she couldn't find her shirt, Willow's entire face is shown and, if you look closely, you can see that the area around her right eye is pale and puffy.
• Kristine Sutherland has said in interviews that Joss Whedon told her at the end of season three that her character would die in season five.
• This episode features only diegetic sound (sound whose source is visible on the screen or whose source is implied to be present by the action of the film -- doors closing, footsteps, etc). Joss Whedon explained that music comforts the audience, and he wanted this episode to be touching and horrifying at the same time.
• According to Joss's DVD commentarry he wishes that he had included Joyce in the scene at the table, and not have her separated from the Scoobies in the kitchen.
• Willow is portrayed as obsessing over what to wear to meet Buffy in the hospital; according to Whedon, this was based on his friend's funeral, where he was frantically obsessed with finding a proper tie.
• According to Joss Whedon's DVD commentary, the episode begins with the flashback of the gang's Christmas dinner because Joss didn't want the cast and crew credits to appear over the main scene of Buffy finding her mom.
• Joss wanted Willow and Tara's kiss to be natural, and not to be the main focus of the episode so he included it in this episode. This said kiss also brings an end to the WB's apparent policy about contact between same-sex partners.
• Emma Caulfield was asked what emotions she was feeling when she filmed her monologue on why she doesn't understand death in Willow's dorm room, and admitted that they had been filming all day without a break and the only thing she was thinking was that she really had to go to the bathroom.
• The 911 Operator asks Buffy if she is “alone in the house”. Sarah Michelle Gellar appeared in Scream 2, in which she was asked the exact same question by the killer on the phone.
• This is the one episode that Spike does not appear in during his time as a regular on the show.
• Joyce Summers' and Cassie Newton's ("Help") are the only deaths in the show's huge body-count that are due to natural causes.
• There was no "Previously on Buffy" recap at the beginning of this episode. However, the entire teaser is lifted from the final scene of the previous episode.
• Paramedics in the state of California are not allowed to pronounce death. Joyce would have been taken to the hospital where it is likely she would have been pronounced DOA. Also, once paramedics begin CPR, it is usually not allowed to be stopped until someone with a higher degree of medical training takes over.
• The Christmas flashback scene shown right after the opening credits would logically take place sometime between "Into the Woods" and "Checkpoint".

5.17 - Forever
• According to writer and director Marti Noxon, the inspiration for this episode came from W.W. Jacob's short story, "The Monkey's Paw".
• Kristine Sutherland did not play Joyce's shadowy figure in the final scene.
• This is one of the only episodes in the series where Buffy does not have an action scene.
• Buffy mentions that before Joyce went into surgery, they had a talk about funeral choices.
• Ben has hurt Jinx once before. He beat him up as a message to Glory in "Checkpoint".
• This is the second episode to feature Willow misusing magic (to encourage Dawn to investigate resurrection), which will become a running theme throughout Season Six. The first time was her "I will it so" spell in "Something Blue".
• When Angel comes to comfort Buffy, Buffy tells him, (in reference to Joyce's death) "the exact thing they said was 'probably'". Actually, Dr. Kriegel told her, "It’s doubtful that this could have been dealt with in time". And the paramedics said, "There’s nothing you could have done". The word "probably" never turned up in their conversations.

5.18 - Intervention
• The Buffybot pronounces "Giles" with a hard g (as in "guy-els"). Joss Whedon and Marti Noxon have said on several occasions that they get annoyed with so-called fans of the show when they pronouce "Giles" in this way.
• It is possible to briefly glimpse the mountain lion's animal trainer's jacket when Buffy first sees her guide and again, the trainer's feet when she reaches her destination.
• Nicholas Brendon's twin brother Kelly Donovan is in the end credits. Nicholas was sick and his brother substituted for him for a couple of scenes.
• Xander calls Glory's minions "hobbits with leprosy", a reference to The Lord of the Rings.
• Spike tries to convince Glory that Bob Barker of The Price Is Right fame is The Key.
• When Buffy sees the mountain lion that leads her on the quest, she says "Hello Kitty".
• According to Buffybot's system screen - Xander: Friend. Carpenter. Dates Anya. / Anya: Dates Xander. Likes Money. Ex-Demon. / Willow: Best Friend. Gay (1999-Present). Witch. Good with computers.
• Spike's dislike of Angel manifests when we see the Buffybot's programmed opinion of Angel is that he is "lame. His hair goes straight up and he's bloody stupid."
• In this episode, Buffy finds out that "death is [her] gift", which leads to her decision to die to save the world in "The Gift".
• Buffy recants her earlier words to Spike upon discovering that he is capable of great personal sacrifice on her behalf, and welcomes him back into the fold.

5.19 - Tough Love
• Glory makes a reference to Cool Hand Luke with this line: "So, what I think we have here is a failure for you to do your frickin' jobs!"
• Xander makes a little wordplay on Mozart's opera Don Giovanni: "It's Dawn Giovanni"
• This episode is most notable for Willow's first blatantly violent, "dark" use of magic for personal reasons, complete with flashy special effects and "Dark Willow's" trademark black eyes. Willow goes after Glory not because it's the "right" thing to do, but for revenge.
• Tara and Willow also have their most serious fight yet in this episode, related to Tara's unease at Willow's magic use, effectively setting up some of the next season's chief conflicts.
• This episode marks the last appearance of Glory's affectionate minion Jinx.
• Glory learns that Dawn is the Key.
• In a definite sign of Buffy's growing trust of (and lessening hostility towards) Spike, she arranges for him to watch over Dawn after Glory's attack on Tara, when she had earlier made it clear that he was to stay away from her and the Scoobies from now on.
• Buffy struggles with being Dawn's authority figure (her mother, in a sense), and essentially depends upon Giles to encourage and indeed force her to act, a theme which will lead to Giles's eventual departure in Season Six.

5.20 - Spiral
• This is the second time Buffy uses a sword as a weapon; the first was in "Becoming, Part Two". Both instances involve a character catching a sword-blade in their bare hands: Buffy in "Becoming, Part Two", and Spike in this episode.
• This is one of the only occasions in the series where the Scooby Gang actually decide to avoid confrontation with a Big Bad by fleeing Sunnydale.
• This marks the first time in the series that Buffy has intentionally killed a human despite her repeated insistence that the Slayer does not do so: while fighting the Knights of Byzantium on top of the Winnebago, she throws an axe into one's chest.
• Buffy kills ten Knights of Byzantium.
• Glory kills hundreds of Knights of Byzantium.
• One of the Knights of Byzantium kills another Knight.

5.21 - The Weight Of The World
• Buffy finally decides to confront Glory and save Dawn, leading to the events of season finale "The Gift". The episode also showcases for the first time the impact certain events have had on Buffy's life and her perspective.
• It is revealed that the barrier between Ben and Glory is breaking down, allowing the Scoobies to retain the knowledge that the two share a body.
• This is the first time we see Buffy's "death wish". The speech Buffy tells Willow in her dream about realizing that Glory will win is highly reminiscent of the one Spike tells Buffy about all slayers having a death wish.
• Willow again takes on a leadership role when Buffy is unable to do so, which has been hinted at in previous episodes (eg: The Dark Age). She is shown as the new leader of the Scooby Gang at the start of Season Six, in Buffy's absence.

5.22 - The Gift
• This is the 100th episode of the series.
• As mentioned by Joss in the commentary for both this episode and "Chosen", this episode was originally written to serve as the series finale, and several ideas that were used in the real finale were originally written for this episode.
• The outfit that Buffy wears in this episode is the same outfit that she wears for most of the Angel episode called 'I Will Remember You'.
• This episode also marks the final episode that Anthony Stewart Head is featured in the opening titles as "and Anthony Stewart Head as Giles", and is now replaced with Alyson Hannigan taking over as "and Alyson Hannigan as Willow" for the remainder of the series. Anthony Stewart Head is henceforth classed as a Special Guest Star.
• It was rumoured that this episode was going to be a two-hour television event called "Centenary" and to feature almost every single character from previous seasons including the entire Angel cast.
• This is the last original episode to air on the Warner Bros. Network. Because of this, the WB promoted this episode as the "series finale" and not the "season finale" since the show will air on UPN for season six.
• The "Previously on..." portion of this episode, which included clips from every previous season of the show, is not on the Season Five DVD set for all region 1 DVDs however, it appears on all region 2 DVDs. It is, however, available as an Easter Egg on the Season Seven DVD set for region 1.
• As Giles and Spike leave to take on Glory, Spike says, in response to Buffy's "Everyone knows their jobs" speech: "Well, not exactly the St. Crispin's Day Speech, was it". This is a reference to Shakespeare's "Henry V", in which the "St. Crispin's Day Speech" appears. Giles follows this with the most famous quote from the speech, "We few, we happy few", and Spike finishes the line, with his own interpretation, "We band of buggered". The real quotation is "We band of brothers".
• When the group first sees the tower, Xander says "Shpdoinkle". This is a slang term first used in the student film directed by, and starring, the creator of South Park, Trey Parker, Cannibal! The Musical.
• Dawn, standing atop the tower with her arms bound to poles, is strongly reminiscent of Rogue in the climactic scene in the film version of X-Men.
• Joss Whedon joked at the Noctural convention in 2001 that Anya was originally supposed to die in this episode, however, he had to keep her alive because Emma Caulfield kept moving as Xander was carrying Anya.
• Buffy's speech to Dawn atop the tower are the last words spoken by Buffy on WB, and also the last thing that she says to her sister, Dawn, before giving her life to close the portal.
• Olaf is never mentioned as being a Troll God until this episode. In "Triangle" he is simply referred to as a man who was magically changed into a troll. Anya mentioned that his power was contained in his hammer, however, which makes the hammer a more valid weapon. Additionally, while Xander didn't even have visible bruises despite being struck by the hammer repeatedly, Buffy uses it in this episode to literally beat Glory to a bloody pulp.
• The hammer also seems to prove that the Slayer is seemingly stronger than most vampires: Buffy easily lifts and wields it with one hand, whereas Spike was barely able to lift it with both hands in "Blood Ties".
• Buffy's statement to Dawn, "The hardest thing in this world, is to live in it", is repeated by Dawn in "Once More, with Feeling".
• Willow demonstrates the ability to communicate by telepathy with Spike, which she will later use to give orders to the group while hunting vampires in the Season Six premiere. This ability will also be utilized later on in the Season Seven episode "Showtime".
• Strangely, Willow successfully communicates with Spike via telepathy, even though Angel stated in "Earshot" that vampires are immune to telepathy as their minds are like their reflections in a mirror.
• Spike is invited back into Buffy's home after being barred in "Crush". His invite is not taken away even after his attack on Buffy in season six.
• Dawn being the Key becomes a nonissue after this episode; from here on characters will mention that she "was" the Key, (past tense) though Dawn herself says later that she's "still the Key, I just don't open anything anymore".
• Crossover with Angel: Willow goes to Los Angeles to let Angel, Cordelia and Wesley know Buffy is dead in "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb".
• Buffy slays one vampire.
• Spike kills one minion of Glory.
• Giles kills one minion of Glory and Ben.
• Buffy kills Doc.
• Giles kills Ben and thus Glory as well.