BtVS Season 5
Willow Rosenerg
Name: Willow Rosenberg Parents: Ira & Sheila Rosenberg Faith: Jewish Type: Human / Witch Powers: Skilled and extremely powerful practitioner of witchcraft, capable of flight, telekinesis, regeneration, superhuman strength, teleportation, telepathy, force field projection, energy manipulation, invisibility, pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, clairvoyance, precognition, portal creation, and mind control. Adept at performing spells, rituals, and transmogrifications. Genius-level intellect in the fields of computer hacking and robotics.
Personality:Willow is consistently shown as a very sweet, gentle, intelligent, caring person. At the start of the show, she was portrayed as a somewhat nave, painfully shy nerd who was stuck with a hopeless crush on her best friend Xander. As the series progressed, she became much more confident and strong-willed, capably leading the Scooby Gang twice in both Seasons Three and Six during Buffy's absences. When Buffy dies, Willow takes care of Dawn to whom she represents a maternal figure. She has been very friendly and understanding, even with Spike, though she is not afraid to be tough.
History: Willow is the only Jewish member of the Scooby Gang. She doesn't appear to have the most superb family life; her parents are out of touch with Willow's life, and her mother once tried to burn her at the stake.
Willow has been friends with Xander since childhood (when they were five, they "dated" briefly until Xander stole her Barbie doll), and she quickly became best friends with Buffy when she came to town.
Willow is extremely intelligent, a whiz on computers, and an excellent student who is known for her tutoring abilities.
She has helped Buffy and Giles numerous times by hacking into various records and databases, and she even taught Jenny Calendar's computer class after Jenny was killed by Angelus.
Willow long had "more than friends" feelings toward Xander, and after years of ignoring her, Xander finally seemed to return those feelings while the two were both dating other people.
When Oz and Cordelia found out about their indiscretion, they ended it, and Willow and Oz were able to save their relationship, unlike Xander and Cordelia.
Willow will probably always have a soft spot for Xander, as demonstrated by her crying when she found out that Xander had slept with Faith.
Nonetheless Willow later lost her own virginity to Oz. Willow had a hard time when Oz left Sunnydale, but found love with fellow Wiccan Tara, who in the end she chose over Oz.
Willow got increasingly powerful and skilled with magic throughout Season 5, and she was able to hurt and immobilize Glory and restore Tara's sanity (Glory had fed off Tara's mind).
Season Five: Season Five finds Willow's power increases at a dramatic rate. Her relationship with Tara is strengthened when she discovers how Tara rose above her family's abusive lies. However, they argue when Tara voices her concerns at how powerful Willow has become over the past few months. Shortly afterwards, Tara is "brain-sucked" by the hell-goddess Glory, left in an insane, babbling state. Enraged and grief-stricken, Willow ignores Buffy's warnings and attacks Glory full force in her own home, but is ultimately defeated; however, to her credit, she does manage to actually injure Glory and weaken her significantly. Willow almost gets herself killed after spitting directly in Glory's face in a show of pure spite, but Buffy arrives just in time to save her. When Buffy later goes into a catatonic state, Willow magically enters her mind and frees her, assuring her that they will find a way to defeat Glory. In the final fight against Glory, Willow manages to slow her down by restoring Tara's mind, and disorientating the hell-god, reuniting with her lover. However, Buffy is forced to sacrifice herself to save the life of her sister, Dawn.
Proceeding the battle, a devastated Willow departs to Los Angeles and visits the Hyperion Hotel to inform Angel that Buffy has died.