BtVS Season 5
Xander Harris
Name: Alexander ‘Xander’ LaVelle Harris
Aliases: Captain Fury
Type: Human
Known Relatives: Jessica Harris (mother), Anthony Harris (father), Rory (uncle), Dave (uncle), Carol (cousin).
Powers: Vague knowledge of military training, tactics, and weapons handling techniques due to his brief transformation into a soldier by a spell. Xander is also a skilled carpenter. In season seven it is noted by one of the bad guys (Caleb) that Xander is essentially the glue that holds the Scooby gang together. He is the one who sees both the strengths and flaws of his friends more clearly that anyone else because no-one else is looking at him. In season seven Xander also shows he his a skilled archer.
Personality: Xander's sarcastic, flippant and often sardonic view on life is his biggest personality trait. He is, most of the time, quite laid-back and is a genuinely nice guy. His is also loyal, but tends to over-react in certain situations. His other major personallity traits are often suprising insight (particulary into the minds and emotions of his friends), empathy and understanding.
History: Xander was born and raised in Sunnydale, and has been friends with Willow since childhood (they used to sleep over at each other's houses regularly). Jesse was Xander's other best friend, until he was turned into a vampire and inadvertently staked by Xander.
As with most of the characters, little is known about Xander's family, except that his mom can't cook, there could be alcoholism in the family (he sleeps outside on Christmas Eve to avoid his family's drunken fights), and Cordelia has implied that his father is unemployed.
Despite his problems (or perhaps because of them), Xander consistently maintains his sense of humour, making wise-crack after wise, no matter what the situation may be. Xander was not an exceptional student, but he's always been ready and willing to help Buffy in her endeavours.
His track record in the romance department has been less than optimal — he was turned down by Buffy, fell for a praying mantis and an Incan mummy girl, had a one night stand with bad-girl Faith (only to be kicked out afterwards and assaulted by her shortly after), and went to the prom with an ex-demon (Anya). When he settled into something vaguely resembling a relationship with Cordelia, he messed that up by kissing Willow ... and getting caught.
Xander did manage to graduate high school (despite some fan speculation that he might not), although didn't go to college with the gang, instead successfully working in construction, where he is now making pretty good money.
Relationships: At the end of season three, Xander found himself being asked to prom by the ex-vengeance demon, Anya, which is kind of ironic because Anya came to Sunnydale to take vengeance on Xander for Cordelia, his ex.
For lack of better options, Xander took Anya to the prom. Though Xander was a bit turned off by some of Anya's very gory vengence stories, he discovered he wasn't completely opposed to spending more time with her. Anya grew fond of Xander. He was funny, charming, nice and very patient with her. She also noticed that he was very brave in the face of danger and incredibly loyal to his friends. Xander's pretty much all you could want in boyfriend and Anya was the first to figure that out right off the bat.
It wasn't long before the two found out they shared intense sexual chemistry. For a while Anya feared that Xander only cared for her in sexual way. She soon found out that was not the case when Xander beat the crap out of Spike because he thought Spike had hurt Anya. More then lovers, they became best friends, only really confiding in each other. After forcing Buffy to confront her true feelings about Riley, it became apparent to Xander that he loved Anya immensely and wouldn't know what to do without her in his life, so he told her. In the episode 'The Gift', Xander proposed to Anya. Anya first accused Xander of asking her to marry him so he wouldn't have to go through with it when they all died, but he explained that he wanted to marry Anya because they would survive. Of course, she said yes and the two became engaged, which is where season 5 left them.
Season Five: Season Five sees Xander mature significantly, pursuing a more stable career in carpentry and construction work, and moving into his own apartment with Anya. When famous vampire Dracula comes to Sunnydale in search of the Slayer, he hypnotizes Xander into briefly becoming his willing manservant. The pair apparently remained in touch through letters following Dracula's departure. After being hit by the demon Toth's Ferula Gemini, Xander is split into two separate beings; one displaying his strengths and one displaying his weaknesses ("The Replacement"). In "Triangle", he defends Willow and Anya equally from Anya's ex-boyfriend, Olaf the Troll, despite being forced to choose between them. Shortly before going into battle with the hell-goddess Glory, Xander asks Anya to marry him should they survive.