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Detective David Baxter

From Wikipedia:
First Appearance: Vengeance in Death
Another detective from Eve's division, Homicide. A very able police officer, he begins making regular appearances in "Conspiracy in Death". He was originally a member of the anti-crime division, but transferred over to Homicide well before his first appearance. He enjoys teasing Eve about anything he can, usually relating to her relationship with Roarke and associated changes; despite this teasing Roarke views Baxter as a solid cop and esaygoing person. This did not, however, prevent a short altercation between Roarke and Baxter in Conspiracy in Death, when Baxter is responsible for interviewing Eve as a suspect in a homicide Roarke punches him in the face.

Whenever Eve has a fairly large team for a big investigation, she brings Baxter in. He is a bachelor and is described as being good looking; however, he has not been romantically tied to any particular person. In Purity in Death, Eve urges Baxter to take Trueheart under his supervision, meaning that Trueheart serves him the same way Delia did Eve. He admits in rare moments that he's very fond of Trueheart, often referring to him as 'the kid' or 'the boy'. His capabilities as a good cop and trainer are demonstrated through Truehearts sharpening skills.
Baxter (almost always referred to as such) is badly stunned in the end of Survivor in Death, but with no apparent lasting damage.