In Death Fanlisting
Lieutenant Eve Dallas

Name: Eve Dallas
Age: 32 (as of 2060)
Birthday: 2027 - 2028
Rank: Homicide Lieutenant, New York Police and Security Department.
Partner: Detecive Delia Peabody, NYPSD
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Colour: Golden Brown (often described as 'whiskey-coloured' by Rourke)
Hair Colour: Light Brown (has been decribed as 'deer-hide' or 'fawn-coloured')
Marital Status: Married to Roarke in July 2058.
Residence: 222 Central Park West, New York, NY.

Nicknames: Darling Eve (Roarke), Lieutenant (Roarke), Bitch-Cop (Peabody and herself), White Girl (Crack), Lieutenant Sugar (Charles Monroe), Dallas (Everybody)

Personality: Eve has been described in various ways throughout the books. Above all she is a dedicated, hard-working cop who can come off as aggressive, manipulative and when the need arises, downright nasty. She is often referred to as 'bitch-cop' by Peabody, various criminals and even herself. It's this hard-headed attitude that usually wins her the bad guy. Feeny described her as having the 'mind of a shark'. Eve can also be passionate, hard-headed, stubborn and surprisingly tender.

Dallas, as she is most commonly known, eats like a child - preferring the candy bars she is eternally hiding from the notorious candy thief, over actual meals. If really involved in a case, she otfen forgets lunch entirely. Peabody often has to beg her to pull over at glide carts for some type of nourishment (often dubious from the sidewalk vendors). Some of the lieutenant's favourites include pizza, chocolate, spaghetti with red sauce, cookies and coffee or pepsi.

History: Eve was found in an alley in Dallas, Texas, when she was approximately 8 years old. She was found covered in blood, extremely malnourished, with a broken arm and no memory of what had happened. Because she was unable to remember her name or anything else, the social worker assigned to Eve named her and placed her in a communal home for two years until she was approximately 10. For a five-and-a-half month period during this time (before she turned nine), she was placed in foster care with Trudy Lombard, in an effort to mainstream Eve. She rebelled and was put into juvie for a short time, then back into various communal homes.

Through numerous recurring nightmares and slowly allowing herself to fight her way through the memories her brain had blocked from her, Eve's history was revealed. The blood covering her when she was found in the alley was her father's - Eve had committed patricide in order to protect herself from him. It was revealed that her father had repeatedly physically, sexually and emtionally abused her since the age of five or six, until she was eight years old. One cold May evening in 2036, he 'wasn't drunk enough' and beat and raped his daughter again after catching Eve eating some (mouldy) cheese, breaking her arm in the process. Eve stabbed him multiple times with the little knife she had used to cut the mould from the cheese, causing his death.

Due to both her time in the system, and what she had learnt about what had happened to her in the past, Eve initally found it very difficult to connect with people in more than just a general sense, and finds a lot of essentially female things - shopping, hairstyles, shoes, fashion, etc - odd. Since marrying Roarke her wardrobe has signifcantly improved, and the occassions when she dresses up and has to wear, in her opinion, ridicululous shoes, has increased. Her relationships and friendships have also increased. Her best friend is former grifter, and now famous singer, Mavis Freestone. She also counts her partner Peabody, Nadine Furst, Dr Charlotte Mira and Dr Louise DiMatto as friends.