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Captain Ryan Feeney

From wikipedia:
First Appearance: Naked in Death
Eve's former partner and the man who trained her, picking her up as an officer after finding her working a crime scene. He no longer works Homicide, but is instead the captain of the Electronics Detection Division (EDD).

Feeney is a very relaxed man who likes to dress a bit messily and loves his electronics; that said, he is a very devoted cop and is apparently a good father and husband, his wife's name is Sheila. He also has grandchildren. He is often seen eating a bag of candied nuts, which he may offer to Eve when they are deep in conversation about a case.

His former partner is murdered in Ceremony in Death, a book during which Eve personally investigates the murder; he's godparent to the man's granddaughter, who is murdered during the course of the book. Feeney fights with and temporarily breaks the relationship between himself and Eve; however, Roarke intervenes and tells Feeney that the man who raped Eve as a child was her own father, and that subsequently, Feeney is her true father figure.

As Eve's trainer and former partner for years, there are a great deal of Eve's personal and professional habits that mimic Feeney greatly. Roarke has observed on several occasions (in Divided in Death and others) that Eve really is just like Feeney.
Feeney is one of the few who knows that Homeland Security covered up Richard Troy's murder by his daughter's hand.