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First Appearance: Naked in Death
Mavis is Eve's best and first real friend. The two met when Eve was an officer; since Eve was promoted to Detective when she was twenty-three, they met sometime between 2046 and 2051. Eve arrested her for being a con artist - several times - and the two ended up becoming friends. Eve often describes her as "Pixie-like" which leads the reader to believe that Mavis is a tiny woman, who radically changes her appearance at will. From totally different lengths, styles, and colors of hair, to eye color. She is often described wearing jewel colors, and bouncing around. Her favorite expressions are "mag" as in magnificent, and "iced" meaning "cool". She also tends to expand on these when she is excited.

Mavis is originally a singer in a club called the Blue Squirrel; it's a very low-class club where Mavis typically performed half-naked. Throughout the books, Mavis eventually gets a recording deal (she actually is quite talented) through one of Roarke's recording companies, and becomes a hugely popular rock star.

She has an almost innocent personality which belies the very real street knowledge she possesses; she is also very loyal to Eve, wanting nothing but the best for her, and always knows what Eve needs. She knows about Eve's past, but it is not clear if she knows that Eve killed her father. Nevertheless, Mavis would probably agree with the course of action.

Mavis tells Eve she is pregnant with Leonardo's baby in Purity in Death; she marries him in the delivery room during Born in Death. Summerset offers his wife's ring, which he wore on a chain around his neck, until the time that they can find another ring. Summerset also gives her away. Shortly after, Mavis gives birth to her and Leonardo's baby girl, named Bella Eve, with the nickname Belle.