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Commande Jack Whitney

From wikipedia:
First Appearance: Naked in Death
Eve's police commander; her immediate superior, since Eve oddly enough does not have a captain. He is one of the few black characters in the series, along with the Chief of the NYPSD, Tibble. Eve respects him greatly.

Whitney is a solid, excellent police officer, and for the most part is always on Eve's side. He recognizes that she is an excellent cop; if it weren't for the fact that Eve prefers being on the street, he would have promoted her to captain himself. However, that and the fact that other high-ranking members of the police force frown on her marriage to Roarke have made the promotion more difficult, something he does not agree with.

He does not aspire to higher political positions than the one he has; he also has been a cop as long as Feeney has, and the two were apparently in uniform together (covered in Ceremony).
He has at least one daughter (a lawyer) with his wife, Anna Whitney, and endures stoically the parties his wife loves throwing. He also states in 'Reunion' that he has more than one son as well as grandchildren in another book.

In Glory, the victim was a good friend of his, a prosecutor back from when he was on the streets. Because the prime suspects are the victim's family, he is very uncomfortable with the case and subsequently oversteps his boundaries, damaging his relationship with Eve. The relationship is still shaky in Immortal. However, when he finds out that Eve killed her father while he was raping her, he immediately tells Eve that their police department will not open the matter, effectively shutting down the possibility of Eve being indicted for murder. He also knows that Homeland Security left Eve to be raped by Richard Troy, and subsequently murder him.

Surprising Eve, he gets along very well with Roarke and the two have, on rare occasions, smoked and drunk together.