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 A Pain That I'm Used To
A Pain That I'm Used To: Bones 1.15 - Two Bodies in the Lab
Two cases are brought to the Jeffersonian Institute; one concerning the human remains of whom the FBI thinks is mob boss James Cuguni, while the other concerns a possible murder victim of serial killer Kevin Hollings. When Brennan narrowly misses being the target of a shooting while waiting for a date, it becomes probable the shooter is connected to one of these cases. After Booth suffers from injuries due to an attack targeted at Brennan, she is kidnapped by the person who set the bomb that injured Booth.

Hero-Saving: Bones 4.14 - Hero in the Hold
In the second Gravedigger episode, Booth is kidnapped from his apartment and left inside an ex-navy submarine. The submarine is set to be destroyed the next day, leaving less than 24 hours to free himself or make contact with the team. The rest of the team find out when Brennan gets a phone call from the Gravedigger. The team have no idea where she might have hidden Booth, but know he is unlikely to be able to just leave the location he has been put. With the help of an old army buddy, for whom Parker is named, Booth manages to escape to the outer area of the submarine. Through some cajoling and admittedly deserved bullying, Brennan is able to get Booth's brother to help with both the search for Booth and the search for the Gravediggers real identity. Booth is rescued by helicopter in the nick of time, and Brennan knocks ADA Heather Taffet - the Gravedigger - unconscious with a briefcase.

 Proving Guilt
Proving Guilt: Bones 5.21 - The Boy With The Answer
Having revealed ADA Heather Taffet as the serial killer & kidnapper, the Gravedigger several months earlier, the team now must decide to drop their case against her so they can help to discover and identify the remains of a child who was kidnapped by Taffet but never found. After some difficult moments, the team decide they would rather have Taffet jailed on the murder of the child, than on their kidnappings. Bones must then convince a jury that Taffet is indeed the Gravedigger after Taffet sabotages key evidence in her case.

 Things Fell Apart
Things Fell Apart: Bones 6.01: The Mastodon In The Room
Cam risks being fired as 'incompetent' after being unable to determine whether skeletal remains are those of a missing young boy, and also speaking out about brain injuries in war veterans. In order to stop Cam's impending firing, Caroline Julian gets the whole gang back together, after 8 months of being apart.

 Look At Us... We're A Family
Look At Us... We're A Family: Bones 7.07 - The Prisoner In The Pipe
After the discovery of human remains in a toilet, the gang find out they belong to a prisoner at a nearby jail. A very pregnant Bones is determined to have her baby at home - barring some sort of medical issue, whilst Booth would prefer her to be in a 'safe' hospital when she brings their daughter into the world. After narrowingly escaping a prison riot, Bones goes into labour on the drive home. Realising there is not enough time to get to a hospital, Booth arrives at a fancy hotel only for the mamnger to tell them that Brennan can't have the baby there. After she threatens to have the baby onthe front lawn, they are given an interesting place for the birth - a stable. After Christine is born, Booth, Bones & baby arrive home to a party welcoming the baby home.

 Think Positive
Think Positive: BtVS 1.01 - Welcome to the Hellmouth
The first fanlisting I ever applied for, and my second ever fanlisting, just happened to be the one for the episode that introduced me to the wonders of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy Summers is just a girl who wants to make it through the rest of high school without getting expelled, after she burnt down the gymnasium of her old high school. It was full of asbestos (vampires). Unfortunately, in her opinion, she discovers that the librarian at her new school is also the new Watcher.

 Got The Love
Got The Love: BtVS 2.16 - Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
After being shunned by her friends for dating Xander, Cordelia decides to break it off with him - on Valentines Day moments after being given a beautiful heart-shaped locket by Xander. Xander's anger only grows the next day when the entire school laughs at him for being dumped on Valentine's Day. Having discovered the day before that Amy Maddison is dabbling in witchcraft he asks her to cast a love spell for him. Unfortunatley the spell backfires and every teenage girl and woman in Sunnydale except for Cordelia want Xander to be theirs, even Drusilla. Eventually Giles is able to reverse the spell, and Cordy tells her friends exactly what she thinks of their opinion of who she dates.

 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: BtVS 3.20 - The Prom
Buffy and the gang gear up for the biggest night in senior year - Prom Night. In an attempt to protect her daughter from future harm, Joyce speaks to Angel about what he intends to do in the future with Buffy. This conversation leads him to break-up with Buffy, during a hunt, right before Prom. It's not only Buffy's Prom that is not going to plan, when Hellhounds attack people trying on formalwear at the store where Cordy is working. Our broken-hearted Slayer vows to save Prom, even if she has to 'kill everybody on the planet' to do so. Prom Night comes, Buffy kills the hounds and kicks the butt of the guy who planned to unleash them. She gets herself prettied up and goes to join her friends at the Prom. Buffy is surprised, and touched, when she is awarded a special award by her entire senior class - The Class Protector. Angel also surprises her by coming to Prom and apologising for breaking up with her when and how he did.

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 Running Away
Running Away: BtVS 5.20 - Spiral
Fanlisting for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5 episode 20, Spiral

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