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 The Final Insult
The Final Insult: Robb. J.D. (Nora Roberts writing as): 'in Death' series
The long-running (33 books so far) future-set crime series by romance author NOra Roberts, under the psuenodyum of J.D. Robb. The J.D. is taken from the author's sons first names. The series feature ass-kicking New York Homicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas, her Irish-god bazillionaire husband Roarke, and a cast of recurring characters. The series started in 1995 and is still continuing.

 As Worthy As A Man
As Worthy As A Man: Song of the Lioness quartet (Tamora Pierce)
These books were my first foray into medieval fantasy. I've lost count of how many times I have read them. The stories feature Alanna of Trebond (and later of Olau and Pirate's Swoop) who is a smart and tough young lady who dreams of being a knight. After cooking up a plan with her twin brother, she's the one who winds up at knight school whilst he goes of to train to be a mage. Alanna faces many trials throughout her years as a page and squire, and makes many friends, including Prince Jonathan. After earning her knighthood, she is eventually discovered by the one person who absolutley despises her for no reason - Duke Roger. After this she leaves the palace for some time, and spends time with the desert-dewelling tribesman, the Bazihr. She picks up a few magic students, and helps the tribe change a few of their long held views for the better. After a few more adventures, including a man-killing blizzard, she returns home.

 It Opens At Nightfall
It Opens At Nightfall: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
The circus appears one morning. It opens at nighfall and stays open until dawn. The black and white tents drawn you into their incredible sights and things that can only be seen to be believed. Reveuers wear something red, a signal to other reveuers that they are too a transfixed by the circus and all it has to offer.

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