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 The Fire & The Ice
The Fire & The Ice: Bones: Season 4
From adventures in the UK, discovering a body in an aeroplane oven and going under cover as a circus team, Anget Booth and Dr. Brennan have quite the time in season 4. Booth is kidnapped by the Gravedigger, gets a serious concussion during an ice hockey match and undergoes surgery for a brain tumour. Brennan decides she wants to have a baby, and wants Booth to be the sperm-donor.

 Entropy... and stuff
Entropy... and stuff: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 5
This was probably the game-changer season of Buffy. As there was no certainty that it would get picked up again, they needed a convincing series end. What better end than to kill off the titular character. In a moment of self-sacrifice and an effort to save her little sister, Buffy runs off a platform into a portal meant to end the world. After having to deal with her mother's brain tumour and death, the fact that her sister is a great big ball of light and energy known as 'The Key' and sent to her in human form to be protected, and trying and failing (a few times) to kick the ass of Hellgoddess Glorificus (or Glory), Buffy had been dealt more than her fair share of bad cards this season. It was a wishlister of mine and I am so glad Gracelyn chose to adopt it to me.

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